Relocating Your IT Infrastructure

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Whether you’re moving locations in the same building or to a completely new office site, relocating your IT infrastructure is a big deal. The task involves safely packing up the hardware, handling it and moving it, preventing data loss along the way, and many other things to ensure your business can carry on as usual once you have made the move. Here are some tips to make sure the relocation of your IT infrastructure goes as smoothly as possible from beginning to end.

  • Plan Ahead – Make sure to plan way ahead before moving. The complex process needs to be planned out at every stage, from equipment and employees, to hardware and servers. Visit the new location to plan the new setup and contact your IT support for advice and help to move. IT support companies in London and around the country will ensure there are no problems along the way.
  • Backup Data – Important data should be backed up and protected securely before the move. If anything gets damaged or misplaced along the way, you should have several backup copies of data or store it on an online cloud.
  • Asses all Equipment – This time is a great opportunity to assess the equipment that you have and see what you don’t need any more and what needs replacing. Throw away any outdated equipment and check what you may need to buy in the future.
  • Setup and Test – Once you have packed up and moved everything carefully, you can setup and test your equipment in the new office space.
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