Different Type Of Bath Tub Material

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When deciding on what type of bathtub to purchase, these suggestions could be taken into consideration. Some of the different types of materials are fiberglass. This product is lightweight and pre-moulded to the shape of a tub. It is inexpensive but has a shorter life than other bathtub materials due to marking. An acrylic finish on this type of tub helps it to last much longer.

Porcelain finished bathtubs from Villeroy bathrooms are an enamelled steel product. The base material is steel, this is coated with a porcelain enamel. This makes it glossy and smooth looking, it is also low cost and hardwearing.

Another bathtub is the cast iron tub that has an enamel coating. This is extremely hard wearing and is said to last the lifetime of the house. As it is a heavy tub when filled with water, it is recommended for ground and solid floor installation.

The acrylic tub with a lustre finish comes in a price at mid range. The colour is in this hardwearing bathtub and helps minimise the sign of any scratches. This product is lightweight and is suitable for moulding into the larger bathtubs, where house structures are unable to take the weight of the other types.

As you can see there’s a number of different bathtubs that can be chosen when looking to upgrade your own bath. Don’t forget to work out the size of your bath to what you’re going to be using it for. So which type of bath are you going to choose and why?



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