Golf Around the World

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is played now in over 100 countries. In recent years the sport has seen a large growth in popularity, similar to the growth during the 1960’s and 1990’s. In the developed areas of Canada, Australia, USA and South Africa golf has been popular for decades and continues to grow. In Asia, golf has been admired in Japan for many years, but it is now becoming more and more popular in countries such as Vietnam, South Korea and China. In Europe, although already widely played in many countries, there has been active growth in the popularity of golf in Croatia, France, Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Russia.

Increase in Popularity

With golf recently being included in the Olympics, more people have become aware of the sport and are therefore playing it. The International Golf Federation is supporting development efforts in 118 countries to support the sport. The popularity of golf in a single country is judged on a number of points such as number of golfers including men, women and children, and the number of golf courses.

International Golf Courses

There hundreds of thousands of golf courses all around the world, some more unique than others. Some avid players of the sport will travel to different countries to try out renowned courses. There is also the option of using the golf driving range Surrey where you can try out a number of famous golf courses virtually from the comfort of one venue.


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