Options After School in Kent

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In Britain it is legal to finish school at 16, although it is recommended that you stay in training or education to prepare for the future. After school is over and you have got your GCSE results, it is time to decide which path to take that will lead you to the future you are hoping for. In Kent, there are a number of choices including:

  • Full Time Education

A popular option is to stay on at school full time at a sixth form or at a college to gain qualifications or A-Levels for university. Most secondary schools in Kent have sixth forms which are often smaller than colleges and offer more structured teaching and student support. Colleges on the other hand are usually bigger and more informal, as students are expected to be able to handle their own time and work, and be independent. Sixth forms generally have a range of A-Level subjects but colleges will certainly have more courses available such as accountants Kent, IT, teaching, building and much more.

  • Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a great way to learn, train, get experience, and earn all at the same time as getting your qualification. Colleges or employers in Kent will offer apprenticeships where you will work in a real job whilst training and earning a salary at the same time until you are qualified.

  • Work Experience and Volunteering

Work experience and volunteering is usually unpaid but provides knowledge and training that can be useful in the future.

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