The Different Types of Logos and How They Can Be Used

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A logo is one of the most important parts of a brand, as it is used to improve and promote public recognition. The logo of a company has many jobs such as telling the story of the brand, as well as promoting, symbolising, introducing and indentifying a brand. Usually when first starting up, a business will design a logo with a digital media agency, although even well-known brands often change their logos during a rebranding. There are many different types of logos that an organisation can have, and they can be used in different ways.

Types of Logos

Some of the more popular types of logos include:

  • Wordmarks – When logos just used typed words, usually the name of the brand in a certain font and colour.
  • Symbols – Using shapes to tell a story and identify products. Symbols are used as a great way to create international recognition without language barriers.
  • Initials – Similar to the wordmarks, some logos simply use the initials of a brand.
  • Seals – A logo design or graphic that normally represents a country, place or official organisation

Uses of Logos

Logos have many uses to a business such as:

  • Packaging – Boxes, labels, paper.
  • Products – Printing, engraved, embossed, molded.
  • Uniforms – Apparel, nametags, vehicles.
  • Online marketing – Banners on the website, email headings and signatures, social media images, graphics and videos.
  • Signs – Interior and exterior signs, vinyl banners, badges, vehicle stickers, trade show signs.


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