Unique Ideas to For Your Wedding Cake Topper

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If you don’t want to go the traditional way for your wedding and are looking for ideas to make your special day more unique, there are lots of ideas to think about. From special cocktails to exclusive foods, DIY decorations and extraordinary performances, there are endless ways to make your wedding day different to others. Your wedding cake is an important part of the day, and this can be unique by making it out of doughnuts, blocks of cheese or your favourite type of food. Another way to make your wedding cake distinctive is by using a different topper, unlike the usual model of a bride and groom. Here are a number of unique ideas for your wedding cake topper:

  • Dolls: Find, make your own or custom order unique peg dolls to represent the bride and groom, and use the clothes to show off heritage or add a touch of humour.
  • Fresh Flowers: Perfect for country weddings Sussex, fresh flowers are a reminder of spring and add both texture and colour to a cake.
  • Polaroid Pictures: Take one photo of the happy couple or separate Polaroid pictures of the bride and groom and stick in to the cake using wire holders for an old-school look.
  • Toys: Similar to the doll idea, toys can be used as cake toppers. Toys such as Lego people, cars or even Barbie’s are a fun, personal touch that brings back memories from the past.
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